Barbara Flynn Currie’s legislative accomplishments include sponsorship of the Illinois Earned Income Tax Credit Act, which allows low-income working families to keep more of the money they earn, and the Illinois Freedom of Information Act, which ensures that all of us have access to public records. She has led the charge for a higher state minimum wage.  She supports tax incentives that make housing more affordable.  She fully supports the income tax swap to fund education adequately and equitably.  Barbara helped lead the fight to crack down on predatory lending.  Over the years, she has also co-sponsored legislation to abolish the death penalty and to approve marriage equality for all Illinoisans.

Barbara is a strong advocate for working families and children. She initiated the state program that funds pre-school services for Illinois children. She pushed for legislation to help at-risk infants and toddlers and improve child-support enforcement. She has sponsored legislation to protect nursing home residents from abuse. Barbara Flynn Currie also sponsored the All Kids program, which provided affordable health care for Illinois children.  She helped create a safety net for low-income seniors so they're not left without the medications they need.  Barbara also sponsored a bill that will bring an additional $600 million a year in federal dollars into Illinois hospitals, much of which will help to fund care for low-income children, the elderly, and the disabled.

Barbara has sponsored legislation to protect Illinois groundwater. She also worked successfully to prohibit sexual harassment in the workplace and to improve access to state contracts for businesses owned by women and members of minority groups. She led the charge for the 2003 Equal Pay Act, which guarantees equal pay for Illinois working women.  

Following the indictment of the former governor on federal corruption charges, Barbara, along with the her colleagues, passed purchasing and pension oversight reform, closed the revolving door, bolstered citizens' access to state information, and put an end to the infamous pay-to-play strategy of the previous governor. Barbara also sponsored an amendment giving more time for employees to file claims of discrimination based on gender. In an effort to improve public education, Barbara sponsored the creation of the Innovation, Intervention and Restructuring Task Force to gather data and report recommendations to the General Assembly. Barbara works to curb the influence of money in politics as a member of the campaign finance reform task force.

Barbara Flynn Currie is a strong proponent of a statewide assault weapons ban. She was a major sponsor of the bill which closed the "gun show" loophole. Today everyone at a gun show needs to submit to a criminal background check before they can buy a firearm. Barbara is also a strong supporter of expanding drug treatment programs. She supports expunging non-violent criminal offenses for people who change their ways. This change would help pave the way for those who made mistakes early in life to move on and get a job.

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